The Dibble Institute (Berkeley) – ROI Analysis

The Dibble Institute equips young people with the skills and knowledge they need to lead healthy romantic lives, now and in the future by translating research into teaching tools for schools, youth agencies, and community based organizations

Project Description:

The Dibble institute, a nonprofit organization, helps young people learn how to create healthy romantic relationships now and in the future.  We do so by translating research into teaching tools (curricula, activity books, posters, brochures) that we sell to schools, youth agencies, and community based organizations. We also serve as a clearinghouse for the field of youth relationship education and support and conduct advocacy activities.

The Dibble Institute is requesting the assistance of Community Partners in order to more effectively articulate the benefits of teaching romantic relationship skills to youth. Teaching young people how to get smart about their love lives is a relatively new intervention with surprising results. In brief, violence declines, youth make wiser sexual choices, and communications with parents improves. Our problem is that the benefits of teaching young people romantic relationship skills are not well known or understood.

The Dibble Institute would like to create a Social ROI report similar to one developed by a Community Partners team in Portland for Friends of the Children posted on their website:

Social Return on Investment:
Learn about how investing in Friends of the Children gives a 26.8 social return on investment to the community as reported by the Harvard Business School Association of Oregon: ROI Fact Sheet: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

As Dibble continues to educate thought leaders, policy makers, and youth agency leadership as to why they should include such programs in their work, we need an effective way to communicate the benefits. Our goal would be to have the assistance of Community Partners in developing a Social Return on Investment analysis on the impact of teaching a Dibble program to youth.

The Dibble Institute is nearly 20 years old. We have published a dozen curricula over the years. Our programs are used in all 50 states to impact tens of thousands of young people each year. But that is not enough. We would like to make this important instruction more widely available, especially to at-risk youth. We are ready to take ourselves to the next level. Being able to clearly and easily communicate the social impact benefits of our work is key to achieving our goals.

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