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AbilityPath ensures every person with special needs and developmental disabilities, from infants to seniors, can lead a fulfilling life as independently as possible. AbilityPath serves more than 1,000 individuals and families daily through educational, therapeutic, vocational, and family support services that increase social and economic well-being for some of the most vulnerable and often overlooked members of our community. AbilityPath seeks help to create a high-level business plan for a new social enterprise that provides employment and training opportunities for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities(Business Planning)

Buckelew Programs offer a continuum of mental health and substance abuse services for the most vulnerable populations of Marin County – and have seen unprecedented demand for their services during this pandemic. Buckelew Programs is looking for a market and competitive analysis of their mental health and substance abuse services to better meet the increasing need for their program. This competitive analysis will inform their strategic planning process and stewardship campaign. (Market Analysis)

Chinatown Media and Arts Collaborative (CMAC) is a collaboration of six well established Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations to present contemporary media arts in a new arts center on Portsmouth Square in historic San Francisco Chinatown. The goals are to support contemporary media and arts from the AAPI community, accurately portray the AAPI history in SF, and provide a vibrant attraction for tourists to help support the revitalization of Chinatown as well as provide for the local AAPI community with a special focus on youth and low-income seniors. This is a new venture and CMAC has requested a market competitive landscape analysis of other media arts centers and AAPI cultural centers. (Market Analysis)

The City of San José services over 1 million residents and 80,000 businesses and has been named “The Most Innovative City in America” by the Center for Digital Government two years running. The City’s leadership in using data and evidence enables it to run the leanest big city in the nation providing services that span traditional Public Works functions to the SJC Airport. The Strategic Plan for the City is to develop and operate a smart, sustainable, and reliable city by pursuing 8 enterprise priorities supported by 41 initiatives. The City of San José is seeking help in creating a performance measurement framework that they can use to develop operational key performance metrics and measures for these initiatives. (Business Planning)

Girls Leadership centers gender and racial equity in their work to address the internal and external barriers to leadership development for all girls, but focuses on lifting the most marginalized. They’ve impacted the lives of 79,000 girls in the past year (62% of color and 57% qualify for free/reduced lunch) and are at a pivotal juncture with new funding and renewed strategic direction to scale their impact even further. Girls Leadership is looking to expand into new regions and would like advice in creating a framework and criteria for market entry. (Strategic Planning)

KVMR delivers high quality FM radio broadcasts of music, news, and community interest on 89.5 FM. Serving listeners throughout the Northern California Sierra foothills and the greater Sacramento Valley, KVMR is the official emergency broadcast station of Nevada County, a role that is increasingly important as California feels the impact of climate change. KVMR seeks advice on a new strategic direction to adapt their services to provide coverage during wildfires and other emergencies, attract new audiences, and increase their fundraising. (Strategic Planning)

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) – Crypto/Blockchain TNC is committed to harnessing cutting edge-technology and groundbreaking partnerships to develop solutions that work for people and nature. The Nature Conservancy is recognized as among the most impactful conservation organizations in the world. TNC’s CTO office is looking for a “Vision of Possible” for the potential applications of Blockchain technology in the conservation space. The vision should clearly identify the near and long-term opportunities, and assess their potential and risks for TNC. (Technology)

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) – MarketLab is committed to harnessing cutting edge-technology and groundbreaking partnerships to develop solutions that work for people and nature. The Nature Conservancy is recognized as among the most impactful conservation organizations in the world. MarketLab is a division of TNC that focuses on developing market-based solutions to accelerate conservation priorities. TNC’s MarketLab is looking for advice on a business positioning strategy that would allow them to fundraise more effectively, and at a broader scale, from donors who are particularly interested in market-oriented approaches to conservation challenges. (Funding)

TIBA Foundation partners with local leaders to develop a sustainable, community hospital in rural Kenya that has been devastated by health issues and devoid of services. It believes in empowering local providers, and that access to quality healthcare and education is the foundation to future economic development and sustainability. TIBA Foundation has created measurable local impact featured in CNN and CBS News. TIBA Foundation is requesting a marketing and communications strategy supported by key metrics, including defined goals and progress indicators to help guide program and funding decisions and track progress. (Marketing Strategy)