San Francisco Zoo (SF) – Strategic Plan Frmework

San Francisco Zoo (SF) –Strategic Plan Framework – The SF zoo connects visitors with wildlife, inspires caring for nature and advances conservation action.


The SF Zoo is looking ahead and is at the stage where it needs to address some critical questions about its future direction, growth, fund-raising themes, infrastructure investments, and new opportunities. The SF Zoo would like to develop a strategic plan to enable the organization to address these questions. The SF Zoo has sought a facilitator to begin this process but has not found the right resource yet.  The Board of Directors and SF Zoo staff have various views on the future direction and new opportunities for the Zoo, and the hope is that the strategic planning process will help the organization arrive at a consensus view.

Project Scope: The SF Zoo is interested in working with an HBS Community Partners volunteer team to develop a strategic plan framework and workplan to guide its strategic planning process. Elements of developing a strategic plan framework may include:

  1. conducting interviews of key stakeholders,
  2. facilitating interactive dialogue among key stakeholders,
  3. conducting a SWOT analysis,
  4. identifying key goals and objectives for the strategic plan,
  5. determining the strategic plan timeframe, i.e., 3 or 5 years,
  6. identifying key elements of a strategic plan, i.e., background including vision and mission; priorities; resource requirements; performance metrics; operating model/action plan, and
  7. outlining a process and workplan for completing a strategic plan