Current Projects

The following sessions are currently in process.

Brainstorming Sessions

Thursday, Nov 15th, 11:30am—1:30pm, Peninsula

The Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute (APALI) provides leadership training and creates a leadership pipeline for Asian Americans and other under-represented groups in government, nonprofit, education, and business sectors. It has a vibrant network of over 400 alumni in community civic leadership, over 100 current and former public officials serving the Bay Area, and 15 alumni who are currently candidates for state and local elective office in 2018. In 2017, APALI incorporated as an independent 501c3 from DeAnza College, enabling it to now broaden its mission, vision, and strategies beyond the educational programs it ran at the college. It seeks help in storytelling its unique value proposition that would widen its appeal to new donors.

Friday, Nov 9th, 11:30am—1:30pm, San Francisco

BUILD is dedicated to proving the power of experiential learning through entrepreneurship and igniting the potential of youth in under-resourced communities. Since 1999, BUILD Bay Area has offered an innovative, four-year entrepreneurship program partnering with nine local high schools, working with over 800 students, and incubating over 100 youth businesses. It is seeking help with identifying a compelling pitch that will inspire new and existing business partners to commit volunteers, board members, and funding to the entrepreneurial program.

Wednesday, Nov 28th, 11:30am—1:30 pm, Peninsula

Health Connected is a leading provider of school-based sexual health education in California, providing cutting edge programs that tackle the complex and constantly shifting landscape of sexual health and social education. It has empowered almost 20,000 students with the skills to make thoughtful and informed choices about relationships and sexual health, and has served an additional 60,000 across the state through its training curriculum for teachers. Its success has led to its budget, staff, and impact doubling since 2016. Given this recent high growth, Health Connected is interested in exploring how it could reframe its service offerings and value proposition to foster sustainability and meet changing school districts’ needs.

Tuesday, Nov 27th, 4:30—8:30 pm, San Francisco

The Human Needs Project (HNP) creates marketplaces that can sustain growth and provide resource access and economic opportunity for the poorest of the poor. It builds sustainable community centers that provide slums with clean drinking water, washing facilities, toilets, adult education, job training, digital literacy courses, micro-lending, and basic health products. HNP accomplishes this through public-private partnerships, collaborating with government, academic, corporate, and local leaders. Its first pilot center was built in 2014 in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, which has since served 560,000 customers. It would like help with brainstorming strategic priorities as it thinks about scaling its model and sustainability.

Tuesday, Nov 27th, 4:30—8:30 pm, San Francisco

Multiplier, formerly the Trust for Conservation Innovation, has redefined its model to broadly be an accelerator for initiatives focused on protecting and fostering a healthy, sustainable, resilient, and equitable world. It provides radical innovators fast access to 501c3 status, with wraparound backbone services to help their seed ideas grow, including administrative and operations support, strategic planning, and fundraising support. Given its new focus to broadly support radical innovators beyond conservation, Multiplier seeks assistance in identifying how to reach these radical innovators and funders in adjacent sectors such as public health, economic and community development, and racial and social justice.

Tuesday, Nov 27th, 4:30—8:30 pm, San Francisco

North Beach Citizens (NBC) utilizes the talents of the community to innovatively address the needs of its homeless and low-income citizens in an atmosphere of trust, integrity, and respect. Annually, it serves more than 500 individuals through programs including housing and mental health assistance, food security, a clothing library, and a Street Beautification program. After 20 years of operating, NBC is seeking a strategy to build awareness of its services beyond North Beach and grow its corporate sponsorships base despite being a regional nonprofit.

Tuesday, Dec 11th, 11:30am—1:30pm, San Jose

The San José Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation (MOTI) aims to make San Jose the most innovative city in American by 2020 as part of its Smart City Initiative. As part of this effort, it developed an Unleash Your Geek (UYG) Competition, which engages and challenges the community to use innovative technology solutions to solve government challenges. After launching two UYG challenges in the past two years—one addressing cleaning graffiti with drones and another monitoring creek flow through sensors—MOTI requests assistance with establishing for UYG 3.0 consistent metrics on impact, along with consistent timeline, scope, and donor engagement processes to create a replicable, sustainable program.

Pro Bono Consulting

Asian Art Museum (Corporate Fundraising Strategy) — Is one of San Francisco’s premier arts institutions and home to a world-renowned collection of more than 18,000 Asian artworks. The construction of a new 13,000 sq ft Pavilion will be complete in 2020, enabling the museum to offer a transformational experience and new programming, increasing audience reach and impact. It also offers the museum an opportunity to expand its corporate fundraising program, reaching new global partners. The Asian Art Museum seeks help identifying best practices and strategies for identifying, prioritizing, and approaching potential new corporate partners, particularly Asian multi-nationals. (Meetings in San Francisco)

California YMCA Youth & Government (Positioning Strategy) – Provides civic engagement and leadership programs for California youth, enabling over 4,000 students each year to participate in Model UN and Model Legislature and Court programs across the state. Many participants use the skills acquired to move onto careers in law and government. YMCA Youth & Government seeks help with a strategic assessment of its position in the youth civic leadership segment, with recommendations on how it may wish to alter its positioning, branding, product offerings, and communications to better reflect its unique role in the state. (Meetings in San Francisco)

Catholic Charities (Earned Revenue Strategy) — Provides direct services to people in need of all faiths and advocates for the poor, the sick, the distressed, children, youth, families, immigrants, and seniors. It is one of the largest human services agencies in the Bay Area, serving over 35,000 individuals living in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin last year. The demand for its comprehensive services is growing; thus Catholic Charities would like help with envisioning, prioritizing, and implementing new sustainable revenue streams that capitalize on its strengths, programs, and staff. (It does not receive any funding from the Catholic Church.) (Meetings in San Francisco)

D-Rev (Product Acquisition Strategy) — Closes the gap in quality healthcare outcomes for underserved populations through designing and delivering medical technologies. Named one of Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies,” it has treated 415,000 patients in over 50 countries with innovative, low-cost devices such as prosthetic knees and phototherapy units for jaundiced babies. Its products to-date have been internally developed, but as D-Rev scales, it needs to source, vet, and acquire promising technologies developed elsewhere. It would like support with building a new product pipeline process for identifying, evaluating, engaging, and integrating potential product acquisition targets. (Meetings in San Francisco)

Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties (Business Planning) — Is a nonprofit social enterprise that uses its recycling and reuse of goods business lines to provide a comprehensive job training program for individuals in poverty to develop skills to move into middle-income jobs. Goodwill acts as a bridge employer providing workers training, resume building experiences, and access to future employers. The organization needs to generate additional revenue given the increasing costs of operating in San Francisco, and requests help with developing the business plans for a few potential new lines of businesses that would generate revenue while leveraging their existing infrastructure and assets. (Meetings in San Francisco)

The Gratitude Network (Business Plan Development) — Is a networked organization of experienced leaders who identify, nurture, mentor and fund innovative social impact organizations who are impacting the lives of children and changing the face of education worldwide. These social enterprises receive a one-year coaching and mentoring experience that sets the trajectory of their organizations. To generate additional revenue, The Gratitude Network is exploring a new model of mentorship to growth-stage for-profits in exchange for employee engagement opportunities. It would like help with further developing this plan, identifying start-up targets, and piloting a prototype of this service in 2019. (Meetings on the Peninsula)

Museum of Craft & Design (Strategic Planning) — Is San Francisco’s only museum devoted exclusively to modern and contemporary craft and design. It showcases designers, makers, and artists through a distinctive series of craft and design-focused exhibitions and public programs, actively collaborating with artists, designers, museums, and universities to create inspirational critically acclaimed experiences. A young and growing museum, the Museum of Craft and Design is seeking help with crafting a strategic plan to plot its course over the next three to five years, assessing key objectives, prioritized areas of focus, and developing measurable goals. (Meetings in San Francisco)

Pacific Vision Foundation (Marketing Strategy) — Is dedicated to providing excellent eye care to uninsured patients. It supports residents, fellows, and faculty at its Eye Institute, partners with community health centers, and provides grants in research. It has helped over 3,500 uninsured patients in Northern California regain or retain their sight. Increased funding has been a challenge due to low brand awareness and the ability to describe the complexity of its various services. Pacific Vision Foundation is looking for assistance in branding and messaging its diverse elements of service to make its funding appeals more understandable and effective. (Meetings in San Francisco)

Riekes Center for Human Enhancement (Marketing Strategy) — Provides quality programmatic learning and enrichment opportunities for students of all ages to explore their goals, interests, and passions in the arts, fitness, and nature. It serves 7,000+ individuals, mostly adolescents and veterans, each year, in an intentional culture and environment of diversity and universal acceptance. Riekes Center has grown to the point where it needs to unify its voice to the world, and design a marketing strategy that can scale and become its North Star not only for communication, but also for decisions regarding their services and expansion plans. (Meetings on the Peninsula)

San Francisco 49ers Foundation (Communications Strategy) — Harnesses football to educate and empower Bay Area Youth through a collective of innovative and community-focused strategies. It introduces STEAM education to 60,000+ Bay Area students a year through 49ers EDU, teaches the importance of health and wellness to student athletes through the 49ers PREP program, and supports students from the 49ers Academy and 49ers STEM Leadership Institute get into college. Brand awareness among their fan base, however, is low. The 49ers Foundation would like assistance developing an awareness campaign strategy to ultimately aid fundraising efforts and volunteer participation. (Meetings on the Peninsula)

San Francisco Department of Public Works (Operations Strategy) — Is charged with overseeing the City’s cleaning programs, including recycling and refuse collection, graffiti clean-up, and street resurfacing. Clean streets are a priority for San Francisco—the Department of Public Works received 250,000+ requests related to street cleaning last year. The department is seeking actionable recommendations for piloting improvements in the areas of sidewalk cleanliness, citizen engagement, and using technology to improve services. Through benchmarking best practices in other cities and interviews, it welcomes recommendations on its organizational structure, staffing levels, programs, or external campaigns that would result in a cleaner city. (Meetings in San Francisco)

VolunteerMatch (Business Sales and Marketing Strategy) — Makes it easier for good people and good causes to connect by offering the web’s largest volunteer engagement platform. VolunteerMatch helped 120,000 nonprofits across the nation engage with over 15 million interested volunteers last year alone. It provides business services to corporate community engagement programs, and while corporate social responsibility trends are on the rise, the changing internet landscape has created recent entrants who are challenging its business model. VolunteerMatch needs assistance with refining its strategies to work with channel partners, broaden corporate client awareness, and drive new client subscription revenue. (Meetings in San Francisco)