Current Projects

The following sessions are currently in process.

Brainstorming Sessions

HBS Community Partners inspires and empowers HBS alumni to make a positive social impact in their community by offering them opportunities to leverage their business skills and experience to help nonprofits succeed.  It offers a variety of curated volunteer experiences for alumni, including pro bono consulting engagements and two-hour brainstorming sessions with nonprofits.  As the Bay Area alumni demographics skews to more recent graduates, Community Partners would like to hear from younger alumni on how it should evolve its programs to meet their needs/interests.

Tuesday, April 17th, 11:30am-1:30pm, Peninsula
Mercy Beyond Borders forges ways for women and girls in extreme poverty to learn, connect and lead.  Operating today in Sudan, Haiti, Uganda, and Kenya, it educates women and girls, supports their economic advancement, and acts as a human rights advocate.  It just received a $1M grant and is poised to elevate the level of its operations.  It is seeking help from experience nonprofit board members on how to activate existing board members, as well as obtain advice on how to attract new ones.

Thursday, April 12th, 11:30—1:30 pm, San Francisco

Mind Share Partners is an early stage nonprofit changing the culture of workplace mental health so that both employees and organizations can thrive.  It partners with individuals, company leaders, and employers to create workplaces that support people managing mental health conditions.  It would like input from alumni who are managers on how to best recognize and support mental health changes in the work environment.

Monday, April 23rd, 12:00-2:00pm, Peninsula


Model UN-Far West provides college students a simulated United Nations experience in which they role play delegates from different countries from around the world.  The program helps students develop a greater understanding of the nations of the world, the relations between them, their policies, and the nature of their work in the United Nations.  A highly student and volunteer run organization, it would like help in developing a plan to increase school and student participation without relying on staff or significant new funding.

Thursday, April 19th, 11:30—1:30 pm, San Francisco
The Museum of Craft and Design develops and presents exhibitions and educational programs that explore and define the role of craft and design in the dynamically changing global culture, encouraging its audience to see the world differently.  It was voted Best Boutique Museum in San Francisco in 2015 and Best Museum Store in 2016 by San Francisco Magazine.  The museum is about to create a strategic plan and is seeking assistance in identifying key goals and objectives in advance of the strategic planning process.


Friday, May 4th, 11:30am-1:30pm, Peninsula
Peninsula Youth Sailing Foundation provides instruction, coaching, practice, and racing opportunities for youth in the Bay Area, some who have later become top sailors in the U.S.  It is the only sailing program on the Peninsula that supports high school sailing competitions, and is unique in not being financially supported by a yacht club.  Given its need to raise independent funds, it would like assistance with developing compelling pitches for funding as well as help designing an effective process for seeking new donors.

Tuesday, May 1st, 11:30am-1:30pm, Peninsula

Teen Cancer America raises the awareness and financial resources needed to help hospitals across America create specialized services and build state-of-the-art teen-focused facilities that concentrate on the clinical and psychosocial needs of teens and young adults with cancer.  It helps hospitals develop the strategies needed to overcome the gap between pediatric and adult cancer care.  It would like assistance in developing marketing messaging and identifying key communication channels.

Pro Bono Consulting

American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) (Revenue Strategy) — Empowers teachers to be problem solvers and to change students’ perceptions of math in a time when problem solving is the single most critical skill sought by employers. AIM has created professional communities of teachers and mathematicians called Math Teachers’ Circles (MTC), a network of 150 Circles in 38 states involving 2,500 teachers and touching a quarter of a million students. Faced with increasing demand for this program, AIM requests help in creating a strategic plan that offers funding options that would enable the growth of the MTC Network. (Meetings in San Jose)

Asian Art Museum (Marketing Strategy) — Is one of San Francisco’s premier arts institutions and home to a world-renowned collection of more than 18,000 Asian artworks viewed by 280,000 visitors per year. A $90 million investment in the construction of a new 13,000 sq ft exhibition hall will commence in 2018, creating a unique opportunity to develop a completely transformed museum visitor experience to two target markets—Millennials and Baby Boomers. The Asian Art Museum seeks assistance with a marketing strategy to reach these specific audiences leveraging this new space. (Meetings in San Francisco)

Children Now (Strategic Plan) — Executes a game-changing approach to children’s advocacy, finding common ground among influential opinion leaders, interest groups, and policymakers. With a focus on children of color and those in poverty, in 2017 alone, Children Now achieved over 60 policy wins for kids in California, including passage of historic school equity reform, health coverage for undocumented kids, and expanded early learning programs. Children Now is seeking assistance with a strategic plan that will identify key priority impact areas for use in aligning their operational plans and expanding their fundraising base. (Meetings in San Francisco)

Global Citizen Year (Talent Strategy) — Is an award-winning, non-profit social enterprise founded by an HBS alum on a mission to normalize choosing a bridge year after high school to build self-awareness, global skills, and grit. Since 2009, 650 diverse high school students have spent eight months immersed in developing countries living with host families and working with local businesses. To scale exponentially, Global Citizen Year would like help in creating an effective recruiting, training, and retention strategy for Team Leaders, who play a critical role in the program but are a bottleneck to growth. (Meetings in San Francisco)

Ignited (Business Plan) — Provides over 70 STEM school teachers real technology industry work experiences and connections to industry professionals so they can then provide classroom experiences that will inspire students to become the next generation of innovators. Ignited programs have transformed the classroom experience of more than 2.9 million students. To reach more teachers, it is launching a micro-certification program starting with the biotech industry and Genentech. It seeks help developing a business plan to expand micro-certification to other industry segments while developing a sustainable revenue stream. (Meetings on the Peninsula)

Junior State of America Foundation (JSA) (Strategic Plan) — Strengthens American democracy by educating and preparing high school students across 34 states for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. JSA provides school-year programs and summer school programs that offer high school students college-level academics on elite college campuses, access to the United Nations, etc. Given the turbulent times and national need for more thoughtful and respectful engagement across multiple lines, it is seeking help with a fresh vision and strategic plan on how to increase the reach and impact of JSA in the future. (Meetings on the Peninsula)

Learning Ally (Business Plan) — Addresses the needs of students with reading disabilities (dyslexia, visual impairment, etc.) with evidence-based solutions. A national organization, Learning Ally recently created Project LEARN in partnership with UCSF, a tablet-based app to assess a child’s cognitive profile, helping schools identify children with reading disabilities early and therefore increasing the percentage of students reading at a proficient level by third grade. With the pilot launching in San Francisco next fall, it seeks help designing a launch plan that would attract philanthropic interest and that would chart a path to a national launch. (Meetings in San Francisco)

MAVEN Project (Marketing Strategy) — Builds a national corps of volunteer medical school alumni physicians to address the needs of the under-served by employing telemedicine. Founded by Dr. Laurie Green, a renowned San Francisco OB/GYN, the MAVEN Project has provided over 700 consultations to date in both urban and rural clinics. To transition into a scalable and sustainable organization with robust fundraising and a steadfast ability to attract and serve physician volunteers, it is seeking advice and support on their messaging, branding, and overall communications strategy. (Meetings in San Francisco)

Recovery Café San Jose (Strategic Plan) — Is a healing community for those traumatized by addiction, homelessness, and mental health challenges. 500 members are served annually, gathering the skills and strength needed to gain and maintain employment and housing. It just completed a major renovation adding physical capacity to the Downtown San Jose site, to open in January 2018. Recovery Café requests help in a strategic plan to manage the anticipated 30% growth and prioritize the many ideas for “the next big thing.” (Meetings in San Jose)

San Mateo County Health Foundation (Strategic Plan) — Champions the health and well-being of all County residents regardless of their ability to pay the County’s hospital and clinic system. The San Mateo County Health Foundation plays a critical role in funding the gap for the San Mateo Medical Center, and the most critical challenge it will be facing this upcoming year is addressing the potential funding gap should the Affordable Care Act be repealed. It is requesting assistance with the development of a strategic plan that would enable it to access increased financial support. (Meetings on the Peninsula)

Thrive Networks (Expansion Strategy) — Improves the health and well-being of under-served communities in Southeast Asia through evidence-based programs in the areas of water/sanitation/hygiene (WASH) and education. After 30 years of successfully managing long-term relationships and philanthropy, Thrive Networks now requests help with an expansion strategy, assessing various options to either go deep within existing program areas or expand to adjacent areas, with a clear action plan and potential revenue model identified. (Meetings in San Francisco)

Trips for Kids – National (Marketing Strategy) Provides transformative cycling experiences for young people, especially those most in need, to promote healthy lifestyles, environmental awareness, and personal empowerment. Trips for Kids has served over 185,000 kids, ages 10-17, and has received numerous awards since its inception in 1988, including the founder being named a CNN Hero in 2015. Currently focused on expanding their network of 75 chapters, it requests guidance in the development of a national marketing plan to increase sponsorships from the bike, outdoor recreation, health, and other industries. (Meetings in Marin)