Pacific Art League (PAL) (Palo Alto) – Strategic Plan

The Pacific Art League of Palo Alto was founded in 1921 as the Palo Alto Art Club by a widely talented group of people who recognized a need to meet other artists, to work together, and to discuss and critique each other’s works. The Art League is a non-profit Public Benefit Organization, classified as a 501(c)(3) organization.

“To provide an environment for advancing the expression, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts”

  1. To provide an environment means that PAL goes beyond the single use concept of classroom, or gallery by combining multiple opportunities – exhibitions, lectures, refreshment, performance arts, social gatherings – to promote collegiality and wider access to the arts.
  2. To advance expression we offer opportunities to take classes and workshops in a diverse array of media and at all skill levels. This includes painting as well as artistic creation in craft media, technique as well as composition and design.
  3. To advance appreciation we offer opportunities to display artistic creations in a public forum (including our three galleries, classrooms and community sites), organize lectures on art history and art appreciation and to provide both formal jurying as well as peer evaluation of artwork.
  4. To advance enjoyment we combine physical presentation with social interaction to enrich the art experience. It includes outreach to special groups such as youth or seniors with tailored opportunities. It includes art focused “hybrid” events for members and community.

Our new top level vision is to develop a program that retains the proven core classes and offerings while expanding into “the intersection of art and technology” – new media, new techniques, digital art as well as using art as a training tool for creativity and innovation in the workplace.  We have identified many options but are faced with the reality of only being able to pursue a few with our resource constraints.  In addition, as a part of this vision PAL wants to expand its demographics to include of the younger generation.


PAL has asked a Community Partners team to help create a strategic plan.

PAL must detail our vision and associated strategic plan for the next 5-10 years using market analysis, competitive analysis, innovative approaches and concepts (branding) and an associated budget development.

Some of our goals for this strategic plan project are:

  1. Further develop the “possibility space” – what are all the options?
  2. Gather market potential acceptance data on the possibilities
  3. Develop a competitive assessment
  4. Develop a branding strategy – what and how and associated cost
  5. Develop a timeline for the sequencing of actions and initiatives
  6. Develop an associated budget with all costs and potential sources new initiative underwriting