HBS Hacks


On May 18, 2018, almost 100 HBS alumni, graduating from 1967 to future 2020 alum, assembled to tackle the question of the future of work in San Francisco given rapid automation advancement.  After hearing HBS professors speak about Future of Work trends and listening to challenges shared by leaders from the City of San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Google.org, and Goodwill , teams of alumni worked together to craft solutions on how to get to zero unemployment due to automation in San Francisco.  Team results were judged by cross sector leaders for their solutions’ impact, feasibility, and sustainability. Here’s a video showing highlights from the day.

Congratulations to the three winning team prototypes listed below! Click on each to learn more about the basic concept developed.  Work is underway to build out the concepts and evaluate next steps.

Matching hourly employees with hyper-local  opportunities
Providing everything you need to realize your best future
Future Finder
Closing the gap between education and workforce needs



Contact HBSANC Community Partners if you are interested in learning more or participating in the Phase II teams!