Events and Postings

HBS cites a statistic that over two-thirds of HBS alumni will serve on a non-profit board at some point during their careers.  We help our alumni find the right board opportunity and educate them to become high impact board members.


  1.  Explore non-profit board openings posted on our website here.
  2.  Volunteer on a Community Partners consulting project or brainstorming session for a non-profit organization in a space you are interested in. This can give you excellent insight into the sector, how a nonprofit operates differently from a for-profit organization, and connect with individuals involved in your interested area. It is not uncommon for alumni volunteers to end up joining the board of the non-profit client!  Click here to see current projects in season, and here to receive a newsletter whenever new opportunities open up.
  3.  Attend Non-profit Board Training and Matching events. HBS Community Partners offers non-profit board training events to enable alum to become highly effective, high impact board members. In addition, we partner with other organizations hosting nonprofit board fairs, such as The Board Match to help you “shop around” and meet 501(c)(3) organizations seeking HBS alum to join their boards.  Click here to see the latest events.

Click on the opportunities you see in each of the sections above for details