InnVision Shelter Network (Menlo Park) – Strategic Plan

InnVision the Way Home and Shelter Network merged in July 2012 to form a single nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness: InnVision Shelter Network (IVSN). As a unified agency, we are now one of the largest and most effective shelter/housing and supportive service providers in Northern California.  Operating 18 major facilities with 240 staff, and thousands of community volunteers, IVSN serves over 20,000 homeless men, women, and children annually.  Our mission is to help homeless families and individuals return to self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

This new, unified organization represents 64 combined years of serving homeless across Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula through our “Beyond the Bed” client service model – a proven methodology that has historically delivered 90% success in returning program graduates to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.


Enhances shelter/housing with comprehensive services to permanently break the cycle of homelessness.  It is focused on 3 aspects:

1)    Clients regain proprietorship over their housing, family, and employment

  1. Increases self-motivation and self-discipline
  2. Emphasizes education, savings, strong work ethic, and healthy lifestyles
  3. Promotes financial literacy for long-term security

2)    Provide supportive services beyond shelter, coordinated by experienced case managers and direct services staff

  1. Referrals to social services

3)    Client participation strictly monitored

  1. Evening seminars and workshops
  2. Savings and budgeting – must save minimum of 50% of income
  3. Daily chores, curfew, house meetings
  4. Drug and alcohol intolerance


Project Description:

With the new merger in place, IVSN would like the Community Partners to assist IVSN in developing a 3-year Strategic Plan.

One of our challenges is to set a strategic direction on where our organization will be heading, so we can communicate and set strategies to accomplish our vision.