IIBA (International Institute of the Bay Area) (San Francisco) – Sustainability Plan

The International Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA) welcomes, educates and serves immigrants, refugees, and their families as they join and contribute to the community.  Originally founded in 1918, and expanded in 2007 as the result of a successful merger of the International Institutes of San Francisco and the East Bay, IIBA continues the 94-year legacy of its parent organizations, with offices in San Francisco, Redwood City, Oakland, and a newly opened office in Antioch. Over 10,000 people walk through their doors every year to seek some information or assistance Current programs include legal services for immigration and naturalization, English and civics classes, community outreach, and health education and interpretation.

Project Description:

IIBA is growing. We have opened 3 new offices in 18 months and will also expand IIBA’s board membership from 8 board members to 16. For over a decade IIBA revenue’s have hovered at 1.4m. This past year, IIBA increased revenue by 55% to 2.2million.  IIBA seeks the assistance of HBS Community Partners to begin the work of creating a five year sustainability plan. This would entail working with IIBA’s Board and management team and would take into consideration that some of this work will be new for both IIBA board members and staff.

Goal– Ensure the long-term financial and programmatic health of IIBA

  • Work with board and the IIBA management team to create a 5 year sustainability plan
    • Identify ways to increase IIBA’s unrestricted funding
    • Analyze org structure – make recommendations for improved infrastructure
    • Analyze IIBA’s “business model” – make recommendations