Fall 2014 Brainstorming Sessions

We had five Brainstorming Sessions this fall!


Brainstorming Sessions engage alumni to participate in a two-hour meeting over lunch or dinner with nonprofits to provide advice or generate ideas for a specific business challenge.  These high-energy, mini-HBS case study simulations involve 4-8 alumni with the nonprofit executive team and board of directors.  Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to sign up or to obtain more information.


San Francisco Community Music Center

Nov. 10, 11:30-1:30pm, San Francisco

San Francisco Community Music Center is one of San Francisco’s leading arts institutions, providing high quality music education to anyone—regardless of financial means—through scholarships, financial aid, and free music programs.  It would like help with brainstorming a fruitful model of an arts-technology collaboration to engage the technology sector, leading to corporate partnerships and sponsorships.


Juma Ventures

Nov. 18, 11:30-1:30pm, San Francisco

Juma Ventures helps youth from low income backgrounds get into and through college through case management support, employment opportunities, and matched savings accounts for college.  It seeks help in articulating its value proposition to market to nonprofits and school districts the benefits it offers.


Avalon Academy

Nov. 20, 11:30-1:30pm, Peninsula

Avalon Academy provides educational services to children with movement disorders such as celebral palsy.  It seeks help in how to package its services and messaging to target markets to build awareness, explore partnership opportunities and inform fundraising strategies.


Project Happiness

Dec. 2, 11:30-1:30pm, Peninsula

Project Happiness empowers people to create well-being within themselves and the world via comprehensive programs translating scientific research into practical tools that enhance overall well-being.  It seeks help in developing a branding and PR strategy, given their strong testimonials and followers on social media.


The Reset Foundation

Dec. 10, 11:30-1:30pm, San Francisco

The Reset Foundation transforms the justice system by providing young men with one-to-three year sentences an option instead of going to prison to live at a Reset campus — a supportive environment focused on education, career, and healthy living.  It would like help in brainstorming how its students could find jobs and sustainable career paths despite criminal records.