The mission of HBS Community Partners is to empower alumni to use their business management skills for positive social impact. In today’s pandemic, this purpose is more relevant than ever.

In April we offered a free webinar entitled Emerging from the Crisis-Planning for Next Year as a Nonprofit. We encourage you to watch the recording and review the presentation slides to learn how nonprofits can start planning for the next year despite the uncertainty of the marketplace.

We also have been in contact with local nonprofits and government agencies to see where our skills and expertise could be useful during the COVID-19 crisis. Below are some early opportunities identified. (Note that these opportunities do not generally fall into our traditional consulting or brainstorming construct.)

We will be updating the list of opportunities as new opportunities arise, so please back regularly for the latest needs. If you are aware of a community organization who could use immediate help leveraging alumni skills, please email Elaine MacDonald.

Volunteer Opportunities

Junior State of America
Product Pricing
Junior State of America strengthens democracy by preparing high school students for lifelong involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. With COVID-19, we’ve had to cancel many of our in-person programs, resulting in a $1M revenue loss in FY19-20. We began redesigning portions of JSA’s existing programs for delivery as virtual convenings/digital products beginning in summer 2020. As we plan our summer and fall program offerings, we need recommendations for pricing these digital learning/teen engagement products. Is there someone who has expertise in this area and is available to work with us in the next few weeks?

Educate2Envision is a California-based nonprofit serving rural populations across Honduras through expanded access to affordable secondary school education and youth leadership programs. The primary funding source for the organization has been the sale of Honduran coffee, sourced from E2E school communities, to corporate offices and tech companies. Since the quarantine began, monthly cash flow has taken a major hit since sales have been suspended. E2E is looking for marketing/communications assistance with transitioning to a direct-to-consumer strategy while our wholesale accounts are placed on hold.

City of San Francisco – Digital Services – CLOSED
In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the team (operating within the City of San Francisco’s digital services agency) is seeking additional support in updating the website to provide clear guidelines and updates on the COVID-19 situation and communicate changes to public services. is seeking two content writers who can help write content for and are able to translate complex governmental writing into easy-to-read instructions (5th grade level) for the general public. The volunteers will work 5-10 hours per week in two week sprints with the digital services team.

Teen Success
Teen Success, Inc. uses a two-generation approach to partner with young mothers to address barriers including poverty, childhood trauma, housing instability, family and relationship violence, lack of access to affordable childcare, and the stigma of being a young mom, so they can be successful in school and in life. It unfortunately had to cancel its major fundraising event and several smaller fundraisers which were crucial to continuing its operations. It is planning a virtual day/week of giving for the first week of May in lieu of in-person fundraisers, and needs support with creating compelling messages around this fundraising endeavor.

Music in Schools Today
Program Development
Music in Schools Today (MUST) provides music and arts education to pre-K-12 classrooms around the Bay Area, but now must shift to provide on-line support directly to the homes of children and professional development to teachers. It has been working with National Head Start Bezos Foundation’s Mind in the Making and Johns Hopkins University’s Learning on developing a national, on-line delivery system. MUST is under huge pressure to deliver a product on a short time frame and could use expertise on how to design this new programming, how to market it, what technology would be best.

Family Paths
Financial Crisis Planning
Family Paths provide mental health and supportive services to low-income families and children throughout Alameda County. We anticipate mental health needs will only escalate and risks for child abuse will only go up. Our cash flow is being severely impacted with this uncertainty and we want to keep our staff employed throughout this crisis to do the essential work. We’d like to secure a cash reserve for emergencies. We can use help with researching other possibilities besides the SBA, an equity line of credit and mortgaging our building, as well as assessing the financial implications of each option.

Junior State of America
Digitizing Programming
Junior State of America strengthens democracy by preparing high school students for lifelong involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. With COVID-19, we’ve canceled many of our in-person programs resulting in a $1M revenue loss. Now, we want to test digital methodologies to achieve our mission, including web-based learning, online curriculum and virtual gatherings. Is there anyone at HBS Community Partners who is an expert at building digital capacity? We are particularly interested in investing in programming such as interactive webinars, digital convenings, and online curriculum.

Montalvo Arts Center – CLOSED
Delivering the arts virtually
The Montalvo Arts Center is a beloved institution that creates and presents arts of all types, nurtures artists, and uses its historic property in innovative ways. 60% of its budget is funded by earned revenue sources (event ticket sales, weddings, etc.). Given that large scale events have been banned, it is facing a dramatic decline in cash. It would like a team to help explore what a virtual platform of the arts would look like. How can it carry on its mission on a virtual basis while earning proceeds?

HBS Community Partners – CLOSED
Nonprofit leaders during times of crisis
We’re searching for alumni who have served as Board members or executives at a nonprofit during a time of economic crisis. Our goal is to create a webinar consisting of panelists who have experience navigating challenging times at a nonprofit and who can provide useful advice to the many community organizations currently facing the effects of COVID-19 on their core operations.

City of San José – CLOSED
Supply Chain/Food Distribution Expert
The City of San José has organized a Futures team to forecast what the city’s and Santa Clara county’s critical needs will be a few weeks ahead. Scaling food distribution will be a critical need, as current providers like Second Harvest Food Bank will not be able to meet the impending demand. How can the city leverage the private sector to source, prepare, and deliver food at scale safely? A logistics/supply chain/food distribution executive is desired.

City of San José Emergency Services – CLOSED
Data Science Modeling
The City of San José has organized a Futures team to forecast what the city’s and Santa Clara county’s critical needs will be a few weeks ahead. One core need is a model that would track the spread of COVID-19 and inform the city’s emergency services to respond accordingly. Data is being collected now, but immediate help is needed with modeling and forecasting.