Current Brainstorming Sessions

Volunteer for two hours to help a Bay Area nonprofit solve a critical challenge. These sessions are designed to give HBS alumni the opportunity to make an impact in an energizing, session—similar to analyzing a case study at HBS! Join a small group of fellow alumni over lunch or dinner to learn about the nonprofit and provide meaningful advice.

Volunteer Now

Thursday, Nov 15th, 11:30am—1:30pm, Peninsula

The Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute (APALI) provides leadership training and creates a leadership pipeline for Asian Americans and other under-represented groups in government, nonprofit, education, and business sectors. It has a vibrant network of over 400 alumni in community civic leadership, over 100 current and former public officials serving the Bay Area, and 15 alumni who are currently candidates for state and local elective office in 2018. In 2017, APALI incorporated as an independent 501c3 from DeAnza College, enabling it to now broaden its mission, vision, and strategies beyond the educational programs it ran at the college. It seeks help in storytelling its unique value proposition that would widen its appeal to new donors.

Friday, Nov 9th, 11:30am—1:30pm, San Francisco

BUILD is dedicated to proving the power of experiential learning through entrepreneurship and igniting the potential of youth in under-resourced communities. Since 1999, BUILD Bay Area has offered an innovative, four-year entrepreneurship program partnering with nine local high schools, working with over 800 students, and incubating over 100 youth businesses. It is seeking help with identifying a compelling pitch that will inspire new and existing business partners to commit volunteers, board members, and funding to the entrepreneurial program.

Wednesday, Nov 28th, 11:30am—1:30 pm, Peninsula

Health Connected is a leading provider of school-based sexual health education in California, providing cutting edge programs that tackle the complex and constantly shifting landscape of sexual health and social education. It has empowered almost 20,000 students with the skills to make thoughtful and informed choices about relationships and sexual health, and has served an additional 60,000 across the state through its training curriculum for teachers. Its success has led to its budget, staff, and impact doubling since 2016. Given this recent high growth, Health Connected is interested in exploring how it could reframe its service offerings and value proposition to foster sustainability and meet changing school districts’ needs.

Tuesday, Nov 27th, 4:30—8:30 pm, San Francisco

The Human Needs Project (HNP) creates marketplaces that can sustain growth and provide resource access and economic opportunity for the poorest of the poor. It builds sustainable community centers that provide slums with clean drinking water, washing facilities, toilets, adult education, job training, digital literacy courses, micro-lending, and basic health products. HNP accomplishes this through public-private partnerships, collaborating with government, academic, corporate, and local leaders. Its first pilot center was built in 2014 in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, which has since served 560,000 customers. It would like help with brainstorming strategic priorities as it thinks about scaling its model and sustainability.

Tuesday, Nov 27th, 4:30—8:30 pm, San Francisco

Multiplier, formerly the Trust for Conservation Innovation, has redefined its model to broadly be an accelerator for initiatives focused on protecting and fostering a healthy, sustainable, resilient, and equitable world. It provides radical innovators fast access to 501c3 status, with wraparound backbone services to help their seed ideas grow, including administrative and operations support, strategic planning, and fundraising support. Given its new focus to broadly support radical innovators beyond conservation, Multiplier seeks assistance in identifying how to reach these radical innovators and funders in adjacent sectors such as public health, economic and community development, and racial and social justice.

Tuesday, Nov 27th, 4:30—8:30 pm, San Francisco

North Beach Citizens (NBC) utilizes the talents of the community to innovatively address the needs of its homeless and low-income citizens in an atmosphere of trust, integrity, and respect. Annually, it serves more than 500 individuals through programs including housing and mental health assistance, food security, a clothing library, and a Street Beautification program. After 20 years of operating, NBC is seeking a strategy to build awareness of its services beyond North Beach and grow its corporate sponsorships base despite being a regional nonprofit.

Tuesday, Dec 11th, 11:30am—1:30pm, San Jose

The San José Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation (MOTI) aims to make San Jose the most innovative city in American by 2020 as part of its Smart City Initiative. As part of this effort, it developed an Unleash Your Geek (UYG) Competition, which engages and challenges the community to use innovative technology solutions to solve government challenges. After launching two UYG challenges in the past two years—one addressing cleaning graffiti with drones and another monitoring creek flow through sensors—MOTI requests assistance with establishing for UYG 3.0 consistent metrics on impact, along with consistent timeline, scope, and donor engagement processes to create a replicable, sustainable program.