3 lessons that non-profits can learn from AirBnB in this crisis

Last week, Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of AirBnB, wrote a thoughtful, inspirational letter to all his employees. This letter was a statement of what AirBnB stands for, and a testament to the creative energy and hard work of all employees, which has resulted into what AirBnB is today. He used powerful words like belonging, … Continued

Four areas to make the post-Covid-19 afterlife viral

In the rush to return to “normal” and escape the Covid-19 self quarantine, perhaps we should be asking what part of “normal” we are in a hurry to return to and what elements of the  “new normal”  actually provide an interesting or better alternative.  Taking the opposite path from George Bernard Shaw’s quote: “There are … Continued

Rising to the COVID-19 Crisis Challenge

It is hard to imagine that “the world as we know it” turned upside down just six weeks ago (at least in the Bay Area), and things will never be the same again.  During these past six weeks, COVID-19 has upended the social impact space – like a surprise punch in the gut – creating … Continued

Welcome to our blog: A space to inspire!

Welcome to our HBS Community Partners of Northern California blog – a place where alumni can share reflections and stories inspired by the social needs of our time. Introducing this blog amid the COVID-19 crisis feels apropos, as it is a time when all of us are taking the forced pause to reflect on our … Continued