Andrea Urton

HomeFirst I am honored to lead HomeFirst, where our goal is to end homelessness. This opportunity at HBS to learn, to engage with thought leaders and to join a local alumni group would be invaluable in increasing my effectiveness as a partner, innovator and change agent in our community and beyond.

Ryan Oliver

BUILD In my first 22 years, I faced the stresses of life in an under-resourced family, buoyed by adults who mentored me like family. For the last 22 years, I was that adult for hundreds like me. This award will amplify my leadership, allowing my organization, BUILD, to reach thousands more.

Maen Mahfoud

Replate Replate bridges the gap between sources of surplus food and communities experiencing food insecurity. HBS will give me the tools to support my organization in this pivotal moment of growth, so that we may scale our data-driven food recovery worldwide, making an unprecedented impact on food waste and hunger.

Lynn Foden

Thrive Networks My goal is to transform the lives of marginalized families in South East Asia and grow impact of Thrive Networks programs. The Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management course will help build our organizational resiliency to navigate changing funding dynamics and chart a course for sustainable growth with new initiatives.

Jessica Sliwerski

Open Up Resources Open Up Resources could become the most successful and essential education reform organization in America. I’m thoughtful, collaborative, kind, and relentless about fulfilling our mission to ensure equity in education in this country. I will make your chapter proud, contributing deeply and meaningfully in and out of the HBS classroom.

Bryan Neider

Gatepath Through innovative financing and collaboration with local governments, Gatepath is building a uniquely integrated facility featuring a pre-school and affordable housing for our workforce and adults with developmental disabilities. The HBS program will provide critical knowledge and skills enabling us to expand our programs of inclusion for people of all abilities.

Brandon Nicholson

The Hidden Genius Project I reluctantly took the leap to Executive Director of The Hidden Genius Project. Being a nonprofit director seemed thankless and overwhelming. 5+ years later, I love my job and am proud of our growth. I’m now seeking the tools and networks that will propel us to meet our future targets… enthusiastically.

Andreas Karelas

RE-volv Given the urgency of climate change, I seek to sharpen my executive skill set through this program to ensure RE-volv’s continued success in bringing clean energy to the underserved communities that need it most and push our country even faster towards a clean energy powered future.