Current Projects

The following sessions are currently in process.

Brainstorming Sessions

China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance
Wednesday, April 5th, 11:30-1:30pm, San Francisco

The China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance fights climate change by working with China and U.S. public and private agencies to save energy.  This small organization connects and informs key constituents, working with utilities, organizing conferences featuring expert panels, and developing high profile partners.  However, it is at a crossroads and seeks guidance on rethinking its mission and crafting a new value proposition that would enlist new supporters.


Silicon Valley Talent Partnership
Monday, April 17th, 11:30-1:30pm, San Jose
Silicon Valley Talent Partnership (SVTP) facilitates skill-based volunteer opportunities that leverage private sector talent and expertise to enrich public sector impact.  Founded in 2013 by the former Mayor of San Jose, it primarily works with city and county departments to scope and manage projects that private sector talent could address.  SVTP would like ideas to help it more effectively and systematically engage corporate volunteers with the appropriate skill sets for its projects.

There With Care
Thursday, May 4th, 11:30-1:30pm, San Francisco

There with Care (TWC) provides a wide range of meaningful and fundamental services to children and families during a critical phase in a child’s medical crisis.  Key programs include grocery and meal delivery, transportation support, bedside patient support, therapy, etc.  TWC has been so successful on the Peninsula that it is now expanding to San Francisco, serving the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.  It would like feedback on a business proposal and pitch that would be used to garner support to create a San Francisco branch.

Racing Hearts
Wednesday, May 10th, 6-8pm, Peninsula

Racing Hearts empowers people to use life-saving heart defibrillators to save lives during a sudden cardiac arrest by increasing awareness and improving access to automated external defibrillators (AED). It championed legislation making CA one of the most progressive states in AED legislation, placed over 500 AEDs in the Bay Area, and developed a free crowdsourcing smartphone app to map nearby AEDs.  Most of its funding today comes from the government.  It would like help in identifying other revenue sources to diversify its funding, and in creating marketing messages that would be effective in targeting these new revenue sources.

KIPP Bay Area Schools
Friday, May 12th, 11:30-1:30pm, San Francisco

KIPP Bay Area Schools operates high-achieving K-12 public schools in educationally underserved communities.  It currently operates 11 KIPP schools in the Bay Area serving 4,700 students.  Its schools have been recognized with awards such as National Blue Ribbon, California Distinguished School, and U.S. News and World Report Best High Schools.  KIPP currently interacts with 100 companies throughout the year, but would like help in assessing how to be strategic in how it engages and stewards corporate partners to deepen relationships for funding and programming.

Gilead House
Thursday, May 25th, 6-8pm, San Francisco

Gilead House transforms the lives of mothers and their children through empowering life skills programs, mentoring and transitional housing that will lead ultimately to economic stability.  Founded in 1999, 100% of women last year have maintained consistent employment, and 75% have almost doubled their wages in the last year.  Given the demand for its program exceeds its capacity, it would like to hear alumni share their ideas on how to scale its program in Marin county and beyond, operationally and financially.


Pro Bono Consulting

Bay Area Cancer Connections (Growth Plan) — Supports people touched by breast or ovarian cancer by providing comprehensive, personalized services in an atmosphere of warmth and compassion.  A trusted resource in the breast cancer arena, last year it served 1,700 individuals alone.  It seeks an assessment on how to grow based on its strengths, expertise, and organizational capacity.  For instance, should it expand and serve all women’s cancers, or go deeper in its present expertise – breast cancer?  (Peninsula)

Exploratorium (Retail Revenue Strategy) Is a public learning laboratory in San Francisco exploring the world through science, art, and human perception. It has won numerous awards and recognition and has set the standard for science museums since its inception in 1969.  It is seeking support in growing its retail revenues—a key stream of income—with a focus on creating a refreshed ecommerce strategy that would not only bolster on-line sales, but also build out the membership / donor pipeline.  (San Francisco)

Latino Community Foundation (Marketing Strategy) — Is the only statewide foundation focused on investing and connecting Latino leaders in California, inspiring philanthropy in Latino communities and leading transformative solutions for change.  Given the current climate on Latino welfare, it is imperative for LCF to develop and create fresh messaging strategies and tactics for different donor audiences to support increased fundraising that will lead to increased support for Latino communities in need. (San Francisco)

Music for Minors (Strategic Planning)Provides K-5th students with diverse, high-quality musical experiences that are: engaging and participatory, based on state music education standards, a foundation for further choral and instrumental music education, and cost-effective (regardless of district/school resources). It has witnessed a three-fold growth in the past six years, now serving over 24,000 elementary children. It is seeking a strategic plan extension that will help guide which growth opportunities to pursue.  (Peninsula)

The Nature Conservancy (Market Assessment) —Conserves the land and waters on which all life depends worldwide.  Regulations passed last year in California require surface water usage by large water users such as farms to be monitored and reported. As in the healthcare market, the new regulation has the potential to create a large, new market in need of technical innovation to collect data, process, monitor and track water usage. It seeks thought leadership on how best to leverage the Conservancy’s unique assets to help shape the development of this nascent market, to advance both environmental and economic objectives at the same time.  (San Francisco)

New Story (Strategic Operations Assessment) — Builds homes and communities for the world’s most vulnerable populations.  Its goal is to create a “playbook” for best practices in building for vulnerable populations that can be used by governments, NGOs, private contractors, and other stakeholders.  New Story has enjoyed strong funding, but new housing construction timelines are inconsistent given the realities of long distance construction and overseas partners.  It seeks a strategic look at its operations to identify opportunities for efficiencies and to help craft consistent construction processes/timelines with partners and donors as it grows.   (San Francisco)

Project Open Hand (Market Assessment) — Is the first and largest provider of food & nutrition services to people with HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer in the U.S.  Today it provides 7 different medically tailored diets that work in tandem with a client’s medical regimen and nutritional needs. Having proven the impact of its model of care in a recent research study with the UCSF School of Medicine, it now would like to better understand its competitive landscape, its points of differential value and its ability to generate new donated and earned revenue in that landscape. (San Francisco)

Scout—University of California (Marketing Strategy)—Is UC’s online high school program charged with serving California high school students across the state, and especially educationally disadvantaged students. With over 1,000 high schools in California and limited resources, not all California’s public schools know that Scout exists as a resource for them.  It is seeking a marketing strategy plan to help identify the most efficient ways of reaching its target audience (schools) and with what messaging strategies to build awareness and foster on-going relationships. (South Bay)

Teen Success (Expansion Strategy) —Helps teen mothers and their children become educated, self-sufficient, and valued members of society.  94% of members who completed its program graduated from high school or were on track to do so at program completion (compared to 40% of teen mothers nationally). It is seeking a market assessment to help with its strategic decisions around expansion, accounting for market needs, competitive activity, and the funding landscape.  (Peninsula)

Walk San Francisco (Strategic Planning)Promotes walking as a safe and sustainable form of transportation that increases the city’s livability, enhances public life, and improves public and environmental health.  It partners with city agencies, residents, nonprofits, and businesses to redesign the city’s most dangerous streets and address inequities where seniors, children, and the underserved are at greatest risk. Having grown rapidly in the past three years, it is seeking help in defining its three year strategic plan and seven year vision with a theory of change to achieve its vision. (San Francisco)